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All American R. E. Group, Inc.
is an investment firm that caters to sophisticated investors.
Our portfolio consists of various types of projects
in which All American takes an active role
in a variety of forms, from deal broker to project developer.  

In previous projects, the role of All American R.E. Group included:
investor, developer, builder, broker.  In the last 18 months, the projects include:
1. Development and construction of six story apartment  building.
2. Marina acquisition including: land, business, and
future development on the property.
3. Brokered the sale of a Beauty Salon chain.
4. Land zoning;
Acquiring several parcel of land zoned for commercial projects
and increasing the value of the land, by our creative talent,
to create a change of zoning use for both residential and commercial use.

All American R.E. Group is currently involved in projects
in which our added value is achieved by:
zoning, engineering, subdivision, planning for development,
and construction of projects.

We specialize in small cap investment ranging in size from 5M to 100M.  
The type of investments include:
raw land, ready to build developments,
cash generating businesses, shopping centers, and apartment buildings.

As a real estate broker, our advantage over other licensed brokers is
the unique ability to locate deals that
are not available in the market or through other brokers.

We strive to analyze our clients' needs and
to meet the types of investments they are looking for.
All American R.E. Group Inc.
Real Estate Investment * Business Broker